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Maintain the Highest Possible Visibility Whatever the Conditions.

The range of hi-vis workwear and clothing from Aceworkgear includes a wide choice of jackets suitable for a variety of applications and industries, available in both orange and yellow. We also offer a choice of modern, practical sweatshirts, fleeces / hoodies, trousers and range of polo t-shirts. These products are available in a variety of fabrics to suit many different environments and applications, and can also be customised to include brands and logos. Our products can also be bought in wholesale. Hi visibility workwear is designed to do just that, and maintain the highest possible visibility - whatever the conditions.

Hi Vis Workwear - EN20471 Compliant Trousers, Overalls & Jackets.

Hi visibility clothing is an extremely important and often mandatory part of today's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements. Wearing the correct high vis clothing or providing the correct clothing to employees has never been so important. Aceworkgear stock an extensive range of workwear and their product trained staff are always on hand to provide any advice on your requirements

Hi vis workwear and clothing has a wide variety of uses in both today's workplace as well as the sport and leisure sectors. The common uses within work environments are on building sites, engineering sectors, fabrication industries, roadworks and rail workers. All hi vis clothing is designed to make the wearer highly visible using bright fluorescent colours, typically saturn yellow or orange. In addition they include reflective banding or material to make you more visible in low and poor light conditions.

High Visibility - The Legal Requirements.

Hi vis workwear and clothing must adhere to the EN 20471 European Safety Standards. The safety specifications are divided into three classifications and offer varying levels of protection:

Class 3 - Highest Level of Protection:
- The retro-reflective banding shall not be less than 50 mm.
- Minimum background material 0.8m2.
- Minimum Retro-Reflective material 0.2m2.

Class 2 - Intermediate Level of Protection:
- The retro-reflective banding shall not be less than 50 mm.
- Minimum background material 0.5m2.
- Minimum Retro-Reflective material 0.13m2.

Class 1 - Lowest Level of Protection:
- The retro-reflective banding shall not be less than 50 mm.
- Minimum background material 0.14m2.
- Minimum Retro-Reflective material 0.10m2.

Which Level of Hi Vis Workwear do I Require?

The most important thing to make sure of is that your choice of clothing meets the EN 471 standard. Each garment should come with documentation providing proof it has been tested and passed the relevant safety standards.

If your work is situated on or close to high speed roads or other high risk environments such as working around heavy plant and machinery you should chose Class 3 clothing. When working close to standard roads or traffic and any involvement with medium risk activities you should consider choosing Class 2 high visibility workwear. When your work is of a nature where EN471 is not a requirement but would be beneficial then Class 1 can be an option.