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Telephone: 01592 772934Call our sales team: 01592 772934
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We have an extensive range of workwear at Aceworkgear to cater for all industries and professions, stocking such famous brands as Carhartt, Timberland PRO, Helly Hansen, Scruffs, Fristads and more. No matter what your requirements or specific needs may be we are sure to have something to meet both requirement and budget – High Visibility, Knee pads, Flame retardant, Tool Pockets and all in a wide range of materials.

Workwear Buying Guide

When choosing the correct Workwear you require there are many things to take into consideration. We have provided the following buying guide and hope you may find it of some help.

Choosing The Correct Workwear   Select the Workwear that most suits the temperature that you’ll be working in, summer or winter? Some of our workwear are specifically designed for winter and cold climates i.e thermal insulation – others lightweight and great for summer. Other trousers can be specific to certain trades, having tool pockets, flexability and fitted to suit certain work. There is also a wide range of materials to choose from now and we’re always happy to give our advice on any queries you may have

Size & Fit  Fit is important! Always bare in mind that not all manufactures may use the same size guides i.e a Large in one brand may be considerably larger than in another. However, should you have any queries on sizing please get in touch; we are always there to give first hand advice. Another consideration; what does your work require? Do you need a loose fot for ease of movement or do require a tighter fit for safety purposes? We are always there and happy to give any advice.


Safety Specifications  Safety is more apparent in the workplace now than ever before and may well  be one of your considerations when selecting any Workwear. Work Jackets may require to meet various current EU standards, for example; Flame retardant Jackets are required to comply with EN ISO 11612 or EN ISO 14116. Perhaps check with your employer or safety officer as to what their safety requirements are.


Environment/Weather Conditions  Both warm and cold weather conditions are capable of causing  difficulties  and discomfort in the workplace. Perhaps if you are working in cold conditions you may require a jacket with thermal insulation to retain body temperature, if wet conditions are an issue many thermal  jackets have an outer waterproof surface. There are many new materials available today the can keep the body warm and dry whilst allowing adequate ventilation. Another great piece of kit for keeping the body warm, most importantly your vital organs, is the body-warmer which has stood the test of time. The body warmer gives great advantage when it comes to ease of movement.

When faced with warmer or hot conditions there are various lightweight garments to choose from including T-Shirts or perhaps lightweight long sleeve tops. Many of these  are available in useful materials such as High Visibility and/or breathable materials.


Correct Colour  Whether it’s  a case choosing a colour simply  to suit your personal choice or to match another item of clothing there are often various colours to choose from. You may need to meet colour requirements as part of a uniform or company colour scheme, such as a hi vis workwear or if there is no suitable choice of colour within options then  please get in touch and we will be happy to help if possible.


What’s Practical & Within Price  Quality does count!  Everybody works to different budgets for one reason or another. However, this doesn’t  mean that quality need be compromised. Many different brands and price ranges can work and perform as well as each other. When choosing your jacket you should consider all brands and don’t dismiss anything on price alone; it’s how the jacket performs. Let us assure you we too are only interested in Quality workwear.