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Safety Footwear

Buying Guide

Never overlook the importance of choosing good footwear when it comes to work, working safety really does start from the ground up and that means starting with your work footwear. When your feet feel uncomfortable your whole body can tend to feel the same. Perhaps our buying guide will help you make the best choice.

Buying the correct work footwear can be tricky with so many choices and decisions to be made; meeting safety standards, work surfaces, waterproof considerations and a whole list of other possible requirements. The thing a lot of people tend to forget is that many of us are in our work boots more than our "normal" shows, so it's well worth some consideration.

Safety standard

When it comes to choosing work footwear there is a huge range to choose from. A great first question to ask yourself is; safety shoes or safety boots? The next choice that's got to be made is whether or not you require toe protection. Safety footwear standard EN345 is being replaced by EN ISO 20345; a guide to these standards can be found on our safety workwear EN standard. Many other codes can also be found here, including; Heat resistant soles, Oil resistance, Antistatic, Acid resistance amongst others.

Size and Fit

Getting the correct fit when it comes to safety footwear is not only vital for your own comfort but also to ensure the safety boots/shoes function safely. For example, ankle and toe protection may be compromised if work boots are ill fitting, like any other piece of workwear sizes can vary between different manufacturers. However, should you require any help or advice we are always happy to be of assistance and often have first hand knowledge of certain boots/shoes.

Are they Practical

Be sure to select the correct footwear for the environment that you'll be working in. Workboots and Workshoes now have so many different features allowing them to adapt to a wide variety of enviroments, giving thought to environment is always a great way to make the correct choice. Your work may require slip resistance, oil resistance, puncture resistance or waterproof may be required. Any additional advice is always on hand - just get in touch.


Today there is a wide range of options to choose from, as is there a wide range of prices. We believe there should be no need to compromise on comfort or safety. Consider your main requirements and make an informed choice, you may find you can meet your requirements and remain well within budget.