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Timberland PRO Workwear

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The Timberland PRO story began back in 1918 when Nathan Swartz began his career as an apprentice stitcher making shoes at the Abingdon Shoe Co. After many years as an employee of the company, he acquired a 50% share in 1952, and so he began designing and making shoes for other companies. Two years later, in 1955, Nathan Swartz believed so much in the companies' potential that he bought the remaining 50% share and owned the entire company. He then welcomed his sons into the company and manufactured shoes for many leading brand manufacturers for almost 10 years.

Modern Safety Boots & Footwear - Timberland PRO

The footwear industry was revolutionised when the Swartz family introduced injection-moulding technology. This technique allowed soles to be fused to leather uppers, with no need for stitching. This produced truly waterproof boots and shoes.

In1973 the “Timberland” brand name was born and three years later in 1973 Timberland created its first guaranteed waterproof boot. By the end of the decade Timberland manufactured it’s first boat shoe.

Timberland grew throughout the 1980’s and had a huge impact on export markets and in 1987 the company went public on the American Stock Exchange.

The 90’s brought many developments for Timberland. The first Timberlands woman’s apparel was introduced into the line, along with it’s exclusive waterproof leather outerwear and range of Timberland accessories.

 Timberland PRO Today

The Timberland PRO range was introduced in 1999 and features all of the brands qualities. The Timberland PRO Safety Boots range introduced the 24-7 comfort suspension technology and provided professional tradesmen with footwear that delivers support, flexibility and protection. 

Timberland Workwear today provides an extensive range including Work Boots, Coats, Sweats, Work Trousers, Gloves and Hats. With the brand comes all the comfort ,quality and style associated with Timberland. The Timberland PRO range has been entirely focused on the needs of professional tradesmen who require both comfort and safety. The PRO range delivers all the needs of professional tradesmen, whist meeting any required health and safety standards.

Since the launch of the Timberland PRO range, the company has had a great deal of success, also being coveted with many awards. Today the Timberland PRO range continues to grow, as do the needs of the professional tradesmen who wear it.


timberland workwear

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