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Snickers Workwear & Work Clothing

The history of Snickers Workwear is well documented in the UK, and there is plenty of information online about the history of the workwear brand. The company was founded by Matti Vilo, an electrician who wanted to create a more comfortable band of clothing that he could wear to work. This was in 1975 - over 40 years later, the Snickers workwear brand is now one of the most famous and well respected in the world. Their trousers are particularly renowned for how tough they are, as well as their shorts and jackets. 

Snickers Workwear | Style, Functionality and Comfort

And so Snickers Workwear was born. We have an extensive selection of Snicker Workwear clothing, including trousers, hoodies, sweatshirts and jackets.

If you're wondering why Snickers Workwear is so popular, then you simply have to look at the history of the brand to understand their popularity and why so many workers rely on the clothing to provide them with comfort and safety for a range of purposes.

Fighting For Better Workwear

 There's a reason why the Swedish Snickers workwear brand has managed to expand globally, and it's because they have become one of the most trusted workwear brands in the world. They're established this trust by testing their clothing rigorously in a range of extreme weather conditions to ensure that they always give 100% to every type of worker.

Snickers Workwear never give anything less then 100%! If they feel that the design needs to change then they make it happen. They make the required adjustments to the clothing and they test it, until they've perfected it. Only then can it truly be called a Snickers Workwear garment.

Here's why you can trust Snickers Workwear:

  • They literally have a worker in their name! Well, sort of. Contrary to popular belief, Snickers workwear is not named after a popular treat. The word is actually derived from the Swedish word 'snickare', which means carpenter. Proof that they design their work clothing specifically for workers in all industries. 
  • Snickers workwear is a global company - you can purchase their clothing from 15 different countries around the world, which shows just how popular the brand is. 
  • Snickers operates under a different name in the United States, where they are known as 'Skillers Workwear'.  Despite this, they're still an incredibly popular workwear brand in the country. 


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