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Telephone: 01592 772934Call our sales team: 01592 772934
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Scruffs Workwear & Clothing

Innovative and Creative Workwear Designs from Scruffs.

We offer the full range of Scruffs workwear both online and at our trade centre in Glenrothes.

Scruffs workwear is without doubt a workwear brand to deliver street credibility. The scruffs brand is full of innovative creative designs and comes in three different levels 'Pro', 'Trade' and 'Worker' to suit varying budgets. The range covers everything that's required from the nations tradesmen and workers to get the job done – Work Trousers, Work Jackets, Fleeces, Hoodies and an extensive line of hoodies.

Look Good When Your Getting Dirty with Scruffs Workwear.

The Scruffs Workwear brand was launched and lived up to it's motto of 'Look good when your getting dirty'. The brand is built to be worn hard and whatever game your in you'll get the job done in style. All the ranges of Scruffs workwear will ensure both comfort and style and get you noticed on and off the job.

They have released a few interesting poll's. One of which blew the whistle on randy Brits and revealed that 1 in 10 have admitted to propositioning a workman. Scruffs carried out the poll to highlight the plight of the nations tradesmen, who are at constant risk. The west Midlands was the in the lead with 13% confessing to trying it on with builders, plumbers and other tradesmen. Meanwhile the tradesmen of East Anglia remained relatively safe with only 4% admitting to engaging in elicit behaviour with their builders.

The poll also revealed that the problem was so great that 6,000 working tradesmen, 15% of them admitted to using one of uncle'Arry's 'Man Tips' and pretending to be married by wearing a fake wedding ring, just to get the job done.

The 'Man Tips' campaign went to great lengths to help the modern man deal with the every day challenges of life. A refreshing pint after a hard days graft – 'the flirting beer mat'. The beer mat provides a simple tick box allowing woman to express their interest, the woman now have the opportunity to simply tick 'I'm very keen, We'll see or Do one!!!'.

Other Scruffs Findings:

Lovelorn Bristolian's invest the most time flirting with the fewest numbers of potential partners – and despite all of their hard work, they have one of the lowest success rates in the UK at just 19%.

Mancunians spend the least amount of time flirting with members of the opposite sex – but when they do flirt, their success rate is relatively high, with 29% of women handing out a phone number or a kiss.

The most time spent flirting with one woman was a man in Bristol who invested a massive 170 minutes in the object of his affection.

The least time spent on one interaction was just 35 seconds by a man in London, his approach was swiftly given the brush off but undeterred he moved on.

Londoners made the most approaches to women in one night, with one chap trying his luck with 11 women in total.

Gift of the gab Glaswegians are the most likely to succeed in their efforts, with a success rate of almost 1 in 2, while those of Birmingham are more likely to get the brush off, with just 17% of approaches getting a winning result.