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Telephone: 01592 772934Call our sales team: 01592 772934
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Reisser Screws

Extensive range of Reisser Screws available from Aceworkgear at TRADE prices

Reisser was established in 1981 and is an International supplier of a high performance, quality woodscrews. Reisser Screws are ALWAYS of outstanding quality and benefit from a unique innovative design. The range of Reisser Screws products include the Reisser R2 along with the Reisser R2 Cutter woodscrews. Their range of products is specifically aimed at the professional trade user and is designed to cope with the most demanding work, delivering quality and performance to various sectors, including the joinery and construction trades.

Reisser Screws | Premium Wood Screws

Reisser R2 Woodscrews are equipped with a very sharp 25 degree point and feature a thread running all the way to the end of the screw allowing an immediate start, eliminating the need for a pre start, no need for a pilot hole due to it’s high quality, sharp, deep, wide threads and the specially hardened steel giving the R2 a maximum tensile strength. 

The R2 woodscrew also has the added advantage of an invisible lubricant helping the screw drive into timbers and boards easily. The re-inforced collar under the head provides additional support and prevents snapping, the collar also allows the use of a wide deep pozi bit to be inserted, this greatly reduces the risk of the bit jabbing and burring/rounding the edges. Yellow tropicalized coating gives the R2 woodscrews approximately 20 times more rust resistance than a standard BZP screws.

The Reisser R2 Woodscrews are guaranteed ‘consistency of quality’ due to each batch being thoroughly checked - ALWAYS.