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Portwest Workwear & Clothing

Portwest offer over 100 years of experience

Aceworkgear offer the full range of Portwest workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Portwest are a global company with over 100 years experience in the PPE sector. They design, manufacture and supply protective and safety wear. These superior Portwest products are now sold in over 84 countries, making them one of the most highly regarded manufactures worldwide. Their range of products includes Hi-Vis, Flame Retardant, and essentials such as Body Warmers, as well as coveralls, gloves and bib and braces.

We also carry an extensive stock of Safety Gloves and Overalls. The brand also have a choice of safety compliant Safety Boots. Your sure to find absolutely everything to meet all your staff uniform needs.

Portwest is Safe, Practical and Durable

Their safety products are robust, durable and have been vigorously tested to make sure they meet all international safety regulations to ensure the highest level of personal production in all situations.

Why you can trust Portwest:

Many people don't realise that the Portwest company was actually founded in Ireland, in the small town of Westport (hence how the name of the company came about, top marks for creativity!). Although the company produces a wide range of workwear for a variety of purposes, they quickly established a reputation for specialising in protective safety clothing. They were founded by a man called Charles Hughes, and is still run by the Hughes family. The only difference with the company nowadays is that they're no longer a small company based in Westport - they're one of the most recognised companies in the world, and sell work clothing in more than 84 countries.

Although the company has long been popular in the UK, they've recently decided to expand into the U.S, opening a facility in Kentucky.

Portwest trades under a few other names in different countries, including Bizflame and Bizweld. But regardless of what name you purchase their workwear under, you're always guaranteed quality.

Here's a few other reasons that makes Portwest such a special workwear and clothing company:

  • They sell their clothing only through a distribution network.
  • They've established a worldwide reputation for their workwear, despite being based in a small Irish town.
  • They have a wide range of products for a wide range of purposes - including hi vis, flame retardant clothing and PPE.
  • All of the products in their ranges are independently tested.
  • They're also commited to ensuring that these products remain quality, so they invest heavily in continuous improvements of their ranges.

If you'd like any more information about our Portwest selection, feel free to browse or to get in touch with us.