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Diamond Cutting

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Choose from our extensive range of Marcrist Diamond Cutting blades at Aceworkgear

Experience the difference with Marcrist products

When selecting the right product for your application and requirement with a Diamond Cutting Blade can be difficult. Marcrist have made this much easier by some simple yet very effective packaging.  Marcrist have also made great use of ‘Easy to See’ images of the materials that the blade can cut being made clearly visible on the blade itself, along with a precise description of the product on the packaging.

Marcrist Diamond Blades | Three Quality Levels

There are three quality ranges with Marcrist Diamond Cutting products, which have been designed to meet both practical and economical requirements.

The 350 range is known as the brands ‘Standard’ range and is extremely useful for customers who require a professional quality product without compromising on safety

The 750 range is aimed at those customers who have a requirement for a top quality product and need the professional result to combine with a competitive price.

The 850 range is without doubt the ‘Best of the Best’ and has been designed to meet the needs of the premium professional who demands the very best in performance and recognizes the direct connection between ‘Quality’ and ‘Cost per Cut’

marctrist have all applications covered and produce blades to cut virtually any material - commonly 'Concrete, Brick and Steel', 'Granite and Natural Stone' and 'Concrete with Steel'. Whether you cutting alone or the option to both 'Cut' and 'Grind', there is solution available. In recent years there has been great advancements in special applications and marcrist have been at the forefront of these technologies with products such as the MR350 Mortar Raking Blades and the WS350 Wall chasing Blades