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Helly Hansen Workwear

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Helly Hansen Workwear and Work clothing is possibly the most famous wet weather workwear clothing brand in the world. The Helly Hansen Workwear brand began back in 1877 when Norwegian fisherman Helly Juell Hansen, while aged 35 having been at sea since the age of 14, decided that the traditional fisherman’s clothing simply wasn’t up to the job.

The now captain and his wife Margarethe began work on the their first products. These early products came in the form of oil skin jackets, sou’westers and waterproof trousers. The garments were made of coarse linen which had been soaked in linseed oil and allowed to cure over a set period of time. This technique prove itself to be a great success and produced garments with outstanding waterproofing properties, unrivalled by anything else. With these garments outperforming all others, they had recorded sales of over 10,000 pieces within 5 years

Helly Hansen Workwear | Dry, Warm, Safe at Work

In the following years Helly Hansen enjoyed a great deal of success and received great recognition, even being presented a diploma for excellence at the 1878 Paris Expo. During a time when oceans were no longer seen as a barrier for trade, especially for an accomplished sailor and captain, Helly Hansen began exporting it’s popular waterproof garments.

A change came in 1949 with the development of ‘Helox’. This waterproof translucent PVC plastic that was sewn into garments became very popular. So popular were these garments that 30,000 Helox coats were produced each month. Later, a heavier version of Helox called Plarex was developed for workwear.

Helly Hansen Workwear | Resarch and Development


A product was developed called fibrepile, an insulation layer for wearing under a waterproof layer. It was originally used by Swedish lumbermen, who discovered that it met both needs as it provided good insulation against the cold but also ventilated well when doing hard, physical work in the forest.


The layering technique was completed in the 1970’s, this was with the development of LIFA. This was achieved when Italian researchers discovered how to spin yarn from polypropylene. The new material worked by keeping the skin warm and dry by pushing moisture away from the body, this made it the ideal base layer. The Italian researchers who made this discovery were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1963.

North Sea Exploration

During the fast expansion of the North Sea in the 1970’s, Helly Hansen Workwear developed survival suits for the offshore workers. Later, in the 1980’s, the company launched it’s waterproof, breathable fabric system – Helly Tech.

Today the Helly Hansen Workwear brand is a pioneer in the research, development and production of high quality protective wear. Both their experience and competence allows them to create clothing which is not only functional but can be worn in extreme situations and protect the wearers well-being, health and safety and provide comfort in extreme work conditions

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