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Telephone: 01592 772934Call our sales team: 01592 772934
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Huge range of Everbuild products available at Aceworkgear. At Everbuild they are passionate about the products they produce, they have always worked on the simple premise that Trade Users will only come back for good products, so that’s all they make!

This simple philosophy combined with a commitment to invest in new product development and manufacturing infrastructure has seen Sika Everbuild grow into the UK’s leading sealants & adhesives along with other building and construction lines, such as Everbuild expanding foam products withcustomers in over 70 countries.

Sika Everbuild are owned by Sika AG, a globally active speciality chemicals company offering a comprehensive range of products, including waterproofing systems, sealing, bonding and speciality mortars etc, across many construction and associated sectors.

Everbuild Silicone, Sealants & Adhesives

The Everbuild brand are renowned for the range of construction products and havd maany well known products such as STIXALL extreme power sealant adhesivewhich  has served the market well. Other popular products like general purpose silicone and every day essetials like 125 caulk are all readily available.

Expanding Foam Products

When it comes to quality and value for mone the Everbuild brand are the ideal choice. Their range of Expanding Foam products have been used by the constuction industry for mant uses. They offer both Gun grade expanding foam and Hand held expanding foam along with more specialist products such as Firefoam B2 hand held and Firefoam B2. However, the brand offer many other useful lines such as Everbuild Dry Fix FR, which has gained great popularity within the building industry

Everbuild World Class Manufacturing

Over 70% of the Sika Everbuild range is manufactured in their own factory with large scale manufacturing capacity across all their core product areas, they can produce in excess of 50 million cartridges a year and with their new polymer plant we even make our their PVA, Wood Adhesive and Acrylic Polymers.

Their manufacturing plant gives Sika Everbuild the ability to compete on a global scale, and give their customers the peace of mind that they are dealing with a manufacturer with in-depth technical ability.