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Bahco Hand Tools

Browse an extensive range of Bahco Hand Tools available from Aceworkgear

Bahco Tools are without doubt a world leader in the manufacture of premium hand tools and saws in the world. Today it is the flagship for SNA Europe and has been manufacturing high quality tools for over 125 years under their famous ‘Fish and Hook’ trademark.

The Bahco “Fish and Hook’ trademark is amongst  the oldest in the world and their tools are still embedded with this respected and instantly recognisable mark today.

Bahco 244 Handsaws | Hardpoint 22" Medium Cut

The Bahco brand are famous for their innovative design and build quality over a vast range of tools. None more so than their world leading range of Handsaws, including  such well known saws as the Bahco 244 Hardpoint Handsaw , which is the No1 selling  saw in the uk today. They are also renowned and often considered a first choice when choosing  Bow Saws and Hack Saws

Bahco Adjustable Wrenches | Ergonomic Design

Bahco are without doubt one of the most recognisable range of Adjustable Wrenches in the world. The reliability of these hand tools is without question and it is little wonder they have gained such notoriety over the decades. With a vast range of sizes available and the variation in jaw style anything is possible. In recent years they have introduced the ERGO Adjustable Wrenches range , which is adapted to suit the human body, rather than the human body having to adapt to the tool… 

 Bahco Socket Sets | Engineering Quality

There is a vast range of socket sets to choose from the Bahco range and all are as robust and durable as you would expect from the brand. Options are available to swivel or lock, depending on movement restriction or requirement and the range of socket and drive size is vast.