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Apache Workwear & Clothing

At Aceworkgear we offer the full range of Apache Workwear both online and In-store 

With teams of designers base in the UK developing products based on customer feedback, it’s little surprise that they’ve got the market right and produced so many successful products within their range. Products such as the Apache Workwear Knee Pad Holster Trouser along side other work trousers such as the Apache Industry Trouser and the recent addition of the Apache BRICKIE Work Jogger

With such a wide range of products to choose from including Hoodies, Polo-Shirts and various other Accessories such as Belts and Knee Pads you'll be able to complete your look and stay both modern and stylish, as well as remaining SAFE....  All within budget. 

The Apache Workwear brand was established in 1999 and has since been committed to providing Modern, Stylish Workwear that is both affordable and fit for purpose.

They have never compromised on Safety or Style and have continually strived to offer Technical Workers and Tradesmen a range of Apache Workwear and Safety Footwear to help workers stay safe in a wide range of environments.

Without doubt one of the best up and coming brands on the market today! All products within the range are designed in the UK and are well researched and tested before going into manufacture.

Apache Workwear | Modern Workwear and Footwear

They have also had great success with their range of Safety Footwear, having produced some very popular styles in both Apache Safety Boots and Apache Safety Trainers. Two of their biggest sellers are the the AP314CM and the AP315CM.  Safety Trainers  are often a great alternative to more traditional work boots when something more casual is required, without compromising safety.

Why you can trust Apache workwear: 

When you realise that this company is actually called 'Apache Industrial Workwear', you start to understand why they've established a reputation for producing workwear that can stand up to pretty much anything. Every garment that they've created is designed for industrial use, meaning you can throw pretty much anything at these clothes and they'll bounce back. Like all good workwear companies, Apache are committed to constantly testing their clothing, pushing it to the limits to ensure maximum safety and comfort for workers in any industry. And this testing applies to everything in their range, right from their trousers to their hoodies. 

Another thing that people don't realise is that Apache workwear is actually produced by a company called Sterling Safetywear Ltd, who also produce Dewalt products. So it's fair to say that they have good experience! 

Clothing from Apache workwear is so versatile that you can even use it for things like indoor sports and outdoor activities. The company is also renowned for their vast range of footwear, which mainly consists of safety trainers and boots. 

Although the intial designing and planning of their workwear products is always carried out by a team of experts in the UK, most Apache products are manufactured in areas like Asia, which is how they can offer such high quality at such incredibly low prices. 

As Apache workwear stockists, we're proud to endorse this great brand and to stock their great range of work clothing. Our sales team have been trained to know every detail about the various Apache garments that are available, so if you have any queries then please don't hesitate to give us a call. 


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