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Workwear Protection from Asbestos

How to protect yourself when working with asbestos

If you are working on a house that was built or refurbished prior to 2000, there may be asbestos present within it. Therefore, it's especially important that you are correctly protected against the dangers of asbestos before you begin work. Workwear is one of the major considerations

Why is asbestos dangerous?
Asbestos is a hidden killer because its fibres are microscopic and drift in the air unnoticed. People working in buildings containing asbestos may inhale the fibres, which then lodge in their lungs and have the potential to cause life-threatening diseases.

Asbestos-caused diseases can take many years to develop, and by the time the problem is diagnosed it’s usually too late to treat the victim. Such diseases include asbestosis and pleural thickening, which lead to shortness of breath are invariably fatal in severe cases. Mesothelioma, an almost always fatal lung cancer, can also result from asbestos exposure.

Protective clothing
Asbestos was once widely used in building materials during construction and refurbishment projects. It’s still commonly found in many materials used by the building trade, and those working with it must be licensed, trained and appropriately kitted out in protective clothing.

If you think there may be asbestos present in the area in which you’re working, make sure that you wear EN149 Respiratory Protection as well as EN 66 Eye Protection

</a>. It’s also sensible to wear something to cover your hair, as well as a full set of hi-vis workwear overalls, to prevent asbestos fibres and dust from clinging to your clothes.

Where is asbestos found in the home?
Inside a house, you could find asbestos in the loft or cellar, contained within cement around the water tank, in pipe lagging or in loose-fill insulation. Artex wall coverings and ceiling tiles often contain asbestos, as does airing cupboard insulation and boiler coating. Partition walls can contain asbestos and so can vinyl floor tiles. If there is an old fireplace in the house, asbestos may be present in the insulation boarding behind it.

Outside, you may find asbestos cement around the gutters and downpipes. Some old outbuildings may have asbestos cement roofs and roofing felt, or walls constructed using asbestos cement panels.

If you about to start working on an older property that may contain asbestos, always be sure that you are properly equipped with the safety gear before you begin. Contact Ace Workgear to find the right protective clothing or hi vis workwear today.

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