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Selecting the correct PPE

Why reviewing your risk assessment is so important

For tradespeople, risk assessments can be life or death. Operating in potentially dangerous situations, it's crucial that you know exactly what risks exist and take all possible actions to mitigate that risk. Whether you've worked on the same site for years or you're in a new place every day, keeping an up-to-date risk assessment is crucial.

So often, small factors can change risk profiles overnight; a surface which is perfectly safe in dry conditions could become lethal as soon as icy weather hits and even jobs like operating machinery can put you at risk of dehydration in very hot weather.

By keeping on top of the changes in the environment which affect the risk assessment, you can amend it as necessary and find solutions which mitigate that risk, whether it's stopping work early for the day or amending a procedure to make it safer.

Environment isn't the only thing which can change, however. While environmental factors like weather can often make a situation riskier, new types of personal protective equipment and procedures can help to lessen the risks posed by a job, so keeping on top of developments can be useful too.

In some instances, the correct PPE may allow you to continue to work in conditions where you might not otherwise be able - for instance, anti-static workwear designed to be used where electrostatic discharge could pose a problem, flame retardant workwear or even high-vis jackets to ensure visibility in dark conditions. Being able to carry on working could mean there's more money in your bank account at the end of the month, so keeping up to date on developments in PPE could be as good for your bank account as it is for you!

Keeping up to date with not only developments in conditions but also developments in equipment and other ways to mitigate is really important. If you're interested in seeing the very latest in workwear, PPE and more, check out our website and make sure you're as protected as possible.

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