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Do you require more than a Hi-Vis Jacket

Do you require more than hi-visAre Hi Vis jackets enough for your job?

If you work in a potentially dangerous industry, you may be used to the risks associated with your job. However, if people become complacent about safety, unnecessary accidents could occur. By using appropriate equipment and wearing safety clothing, such as hi vis workwear, you can minimise the risk of an incident occurring.

Whilst you may be used to wearing a hi vis jacket, when was the last time you looked at it closely or really inspected it? Over time, the reflective panels on hi vis clothing can become chipped or damaged. In such cases, your hi vis jacket may not be providing you with as much protection as you thought. In many cases, your hi vis jacket may have become so dulled that you would be better off with a bright tartan (something like the Doddie Weir tartan)

It’s essential, therefore, that you check the effectiveness of your workwear at regular intervals, particularly if your job exposes you to the risk of injury. By upgrading your hi vis jackets and hi vis clothing, you can ensure that people around you will be aware of your presence. As a result, you could avoid a serious accident and the subsequent injuries.

Do you need flame-retardant workwear?

If you don’t regularly work around flames or high heat, you may not use flame-retardant workwear. However, there are unforeseen risks in any job and you may need to consider the use of additional safety measures.

If you regularly work on a construction site, for example, it only takes one malfunctioning tool for a spark to occur. Similarly, if an error is made on-site, it could easily cause a fire to occur. If the electrics are left live whilst testing is taking place, for example, people could suffer electrocutions and there could be a risk of a blaze occurring.

By using flame-retardant workwear, you could negate the risk of burn injuries and effectively prevent yourself from suffering serious injuries.

Identifying the risks associated with your job role or working environment can be life-saving. By preparing for a potential incident, you can ensure that you will avoid injury or minimise the risk of getting hurt if something does go wrong.

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