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Do you require Flame Retardant Workwear

dDo you need flame retardant workwear?

One of your biggest priorities should always be your employees. Making sure your workforce is safe when on site is integral to your reputation as a business, and you can’t risk taking any unnecessary risks. Working on site can involve your team being faced with hazardous situations and it is your responsibility to ensure that they are wearing appropriate protective workwear.

One type of workwear that you should consider is flame retardant workwear. You may not think that your workforce needs fire retardant work gear, but have you thought about these potential risks?

Does your team work around flammable liquids?
Hazardous and volatile chemicals are commonly used in manufacturing processes. They can be extremely effective in producing high-quality products but at the same time pose a risk to those working on the factory floor. They are also popularly used on construction sites, for instance when coating cladding, and even working outdoors could expose these flammable liquids to high temperatures. Investing in fire retardant clothing could be a way to reduce the risk injury to your workforce in the unlikely case that any of these chemicals catch alight.

Does your team work with hot equipment?
Construction sites and manufacturers often use a wide range of high temperature equipment to complete tasks. Items such as welding sticks and blowtorches are obviously very dangerous, and if mishandled can cause grave injury to you and your team. Even if you work with seemingly less dangerous equipment like heat exchangers for example, you may still require the use of safety clothing. While proper training can help avoid those situations, it is always best to be prepared for any eventualities by ensuring your team is properly fitted with protective gear.

Have you completed a workplace assessment?
To ensure the full safety of your team, carrying out a workplace risk assessment will help you decide whether you need fire safety gear. Going through your factory or site to identify potential hazards will inform you of your exact protective gear needs. You may discover that there are fire risks you never anticipated in the first place.

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