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Telephone: 01592 772934Call our sales team: 01592 772934
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Ace Workgear

    What We Do

    AceWorkGear has been trading since 2009 and are based at our trade counter on Newark Road South, Eastfield Business Park, Glenrothes in the UK. We have built up an extensive delivery fleet to make sure that if you order products from us we can have the product in your hands as soon as possible. Most items that are in stock can be delivered as little as next day.Our extensive stock holding offers local & international business' direct access to a vast range of branded workwear, PPE and products for use on the job, and caters to all those operating within the Construction, Engineering, Fabrication and Building sectors. We also cater to domestic customers looking to take advantage of our great... ...... READ MORE >>

    High Visibility - Our Favourite Album

    At Ace Work Gear, we're sort of obsessed with anything related to high visibility and hi vis workwear. That's exactly what the album, 'High Visibility' by the legendary Swedish rock band 'The Hellacopters' is one of the best albums that we play on repeat in our office. Here is a rundown of our favourite tracks on the album (hint - it's all of them):'Hopeless case of a kid in denial' - Perfect start to the album."Baby Borderline" Andersson" - Continues the high tempo start to the album. "Sometimes I Don't Know" - A ballad disguised as a rock epic. "Toys and Flavors" - Fun and naughty. "You're Too Good (To Me Baby)" - Another ballad type, a bit slower than other songs.  "Throw... ...... READ MORE >>

    The Importance Of The Apache Revolver

    Apache revolver? You've probably never heard of it. And to be honest, I'm not surprised - despite being one of the most influential and important weapons to have ever existed, the Apache Revolver is relatively unknown. There's more than a few good reasons for that though - it didn't stick around for long, it was used in the 1800s and it looked a bit odd.It was essentially 3 weapons in one - the first being a revolver, obviously, but the weapon also incorporated a fold-out knife and a knuckle duster. It might sound impressive, but the revolver isn't much to be honest. At best it could fire probably around 15 metres in range, so it's definitely a close range weapon... ...... READ MORE >>

    The Milwaukee Badgers - What Happened To Them?

    For those of you who don't know, we've recently started to sponsor an American Football team here in the UK. The team are called 'The Badgers', named after the famous Milwaukee Badgers team who changed the face of American Football forever. We're also big advocates of everything related to Milwaukee, including Milwaukee power tools. Aside from being a very talented and successful team, one of the main reasons that the Milwaukee Badgers are remembered so vividly is that the team consisted mostly of African-American players.I know what you're thinking - it's not that unusual for an American Football team to include African-American players, but this was the 1920s....What makes the team even more impressive is not just the fact that they managed... ...... READ MORE >>

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