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Orange GO/RT 3279 Rail Spec Workwear

Orange Hi-Vis

Why orange GO/RT 3279 Rail Spec workwear is essential within the rail industry

If you regularly work on construction sites, you'll be more than familiar with the yellow high vis jackets and workwear. Used to help protect workers in potentially hazardous environments, yellow high vis workwear has become commonplace. On railways however, yellow is rarely used, if ever. So, why do railway and road workers tend to wear orange high vis clothing, and is there a difference between the two?

The answer ids 'Yes'. All rail workers and contractors are required to meet GO/RT 3279 Rail Spec saferty regs


The reason yellow is ditched in favour of orange in certain industries is because green and yellow are used for signalling. With railways in particular, it's vital that rail workers aren't confused with a signal. If a train driver were to make the mistake, the consequences could be catastrophic. So, above all else, orange hi vis workwear was introduced as a safety measure.

Rural work

Another reason Orange GO/RT 3279 Rail Spec is used on railways is that a lot of the maintenance work involves being out in the countryside as opposed to the city. Countryside laws and rules  differ greatly from the city so it's worth brushing up on those if possible. Orange is a much better colour than yellow in these environments as it stands out more against the green background of fields and trees, making it much better for increased visibility. Orange is also highly recommended for road workers who are carrying out repairs in rural locations for the same reason.

It's worth bearing in mind that orange is the only other colour aside from yellow that health and safety experts deem appropriate enough to provide adequate visibility. In order to comply with various health and safety regulations, it's often essential that either orange or yellow hi vis workwear is worn whilst on a job. In some industries, either yellow or orange will be permitted, but railway workers are only allowed to wear orange, and must keep their hi vis clothing on the entire time they are carrying out repairs.

At Ace Workgear, we stock orange hi vis clothing that is suitable for railway and road workers. Compliant with health and safety regulations, and with top brands such as Portwest workwear forming part of our range, you're sure to find the right hi vis clothing for your job.

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