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The Milwaukee Badgers - What Happened To Them?

For those of you who don't know, we've recently started to sponsor an American Football team here in the UK. The team are called 'The Badgers', named after the famous Milwaukee Badgers team who changed the face of American Football forever. We're also big advocates of everything related to Milwaukee, including Milwaukee power tools. 

Aside from being a very talented and successful team, one of the main reasons that the Milwaukee Badgers are remembered so vividly is that the team consisted mostly of African-American players.

I know what you're thinking - it's not that unusual for an American Football team to include African-American players, but this was the 1920s....

What makes the team even more impressive is not just the fact that they managed to succeed at a time when even the sight of an African-American person would shock, but also that they achieved success while fielding a very young team, including some players who were still in high school.

This was actually what eventually caused their downfall. The Milwaukee Badgers were fined a few hundred dollars for fielding underage players, which wouldn't shake a team nowadays, but actually left the team broke and unable to continue playing.

They were one of the most iconic teams ever, but only actually played in the top flight of American Football for 4 years.

If you ever head to Milwaukee, you can visit a small local museum that has information about the team.

You can also view our Milwaukee impact wrench and our Milwaukee impact driver if you want to learn about Milwaukee!


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