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The Importance Of The Apache Revolver

Apache revolver? You've probably never heard of it. And to be honest, I'm not surprised - despite being one of the most influential and important weapons to have ever existed, the Apache Revolver is relatively unknown. There's more than a few good reasons for that though - it didn't stick around for long, it was used in the 1800s and it looked a bit odd.

It was essentially 3 weapons in one - the first being a revolver, obviously, but the weapon also incorporated a fold-out knife and a knuckle duster. It might sound impressive, but the revolver isn't much to be honest. At best it could fire probably around 15 metres in range, so it's definitely a close range weapon. The knife and the knuckle duster capabilities made it a lethal weapon in tight situations, but pretty useless in any other situation.

So why is it so important? Well, it was one of the first weapons that tried to be more than 1 thing, and actually worked. The Apache revolver was very popular in France, where it was commonly used by women (who would hide it under their dresses). It was also very light, and ultimately, very cool looking. So the Apache revolver has a bit of a cult following in many circles. It also inspired the name of Apache workwear.

We're big fans of the Apache revolver and have even managed to see one in a museum, which is great.



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