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High Visibility - Our Favourite Album

At Ace Work Gear, we're sort of obsessed with anything related to high visibility and hi vis workwear. That's exactly what the album, 'High Visibility' by the legendary Swedish rock band 'The Hellacopters' is one of the best albums that we play on repeat in our office. Here is a rundown of our favourite tracks on the album (hint - it's all of them):

'Hopeless case of a kid in denial' - Perfect start to the album.

"Baby Borderline" Andersson" - Continues the high tempo start to the album. 

"Sometimes I Don't Know" - A ballad disguised as a rock epic. 

"Toys and Flavors" - Fun and naughty. 

"You're Too Good (To Me Baby)" - Another ballad type, a bit slower than other songs. 

 "Throw Away Heroes" - Probably our favourite track off the album. 

"No Song Unheard" - Probably our least favourite track off the album. 

 "Truckloads of Nothin'" - Carefree rock at it's best. 

"A Heart Without Home" - Another rock ballad. 

 "No One's Gonna Do It for You" - The song that gets you up in the morning 

"I Wanna Touch" - Gives us a fuzzy feeling

"Hurtin' Time" - Swagger and fun filled rock song

"Envious" - The perfect way to round off the album


Do yourself a favour and buy High Visibility as soon as you can, you won't regret it!

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