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Guide To Cordless Drills

Cordless Drills Are Extremely Versatile. Take them anywhere! And as they become ever easier to charge and with ever increasing power, they have become the ideal choice for tradesmen and DIY’ers alike.


With or Without Batteries

Like other Power Tools, these cordless drills are either supplied with or without batteries. Power Tools described as ‘Bare Unit’, ‘Body Only’ or ‘Naked’ are supplied without batteries and are an ideal buy if you are planning on purchasing several tools within the one brand. Other options are to buy a tool with one, two or three batteries, great for users who fall into the extended use category and require additional charged batteries to be on hand.


Types of Batteries

The most popular and commonly used battery with Cordless Drills are Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have advanced technology and several advantages compared to other batteries.

  1. Shorter Charging Times
  2. Longer Run Times
  3. Constant Power Output
  4. Lighter Battery Weights


Type of Drill Machine


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Combi Drills – Percussion Drills

These Combi Drills are extremely useful and are capable of performing more than one function.

The drills can be used as a Hammer Drill, or for Screwdriving.

These drills can be set to Hammer function and provide the power to drill through tougher materials like masonry and concrete.

However, they can easily be switched mode, allowing them to be used for drilling holes in more general materials or to drive screws etc.

The versatility of these drills makes them an extremely popular choice with all trades and allows them to be used for a wide variety of applications. We have both Milwaukee power tools and Dewalt power tools of this kind.


Image 2


Drill Drivers

A Drill Driver is a great tool to perform as the name suggests. These drills can be used to either ‘drill’ as you would expect any drill to do.

In addition, these drills can also be used to drive and loosen screws.

Modern technology and features allow these drills to be adjusted so screws are not over tight, which may affect the base material you are working on.

Very useful tools and popular with various professions.


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Impact Drivers

When higher torque is required the Impact Driver provides the solution.

These high torque, high Impact drills are equipped with the mechanism to provide optimum performance when driving larger screws and other fixings into metal and wood.

Impact Drivers are designed and engineered to work both efficiently and safely without recoil


Key Features When Choosing a Cordless Drill


  • Volts – Rule of thumb, the higher the voltage the more powerful the drill. However, another consideration when selecting the correct drill is the amount of usable torque, which is measured in Nm. The majority and most popular drills nowadays are 18V, although 12V drills are now also extremely efficient and popular.
  • Batteries – The Amp hour (Ah) rating of the battery will provide you with a guide to the storage capacity of the battery. If you select a 5.0Ah rated battery, this does not mean the battery will run for 5 hours before running out, but does mean it has a larger storage capacity than for example a 4.0Ah battery.
  • Torque – This is the measure of power the drill can produce. This power is measured in Nm, the higher the Nm rating of the drill has, the higher the maximum torque the drill can produce.
  • Action – This is a consideration for your application. If you are planning on drilling into harder materials such as brick and masonry, you will require the drill to be equipped with ‘Hammer Action’. This is measured in beats per minute (bpm).
  • Speed – The drill speed is important as if you have a tool which offers you variable speed settings, you will have much better control. This speed is measured in rotations per minute (rpm) and is often essential when you require variations in speed depending on hole size or accessory type.


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