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Monthly Archives: April 2017

    Carhartt Jackets – Built to Last!

     Few brands out there compare with the rich heritage of Carhartt.With a history stretching back over 125 years. Carhartt Workwear have been supplying work clothes to workers who have helped shape America, along with kitting out some of the biggest Musicians, Movie Stars and Sportsmen of recent decades.Since their early years of manufacturing rugged workwear, made to withstand the harshest of work and conditions, they have been committed to providing modern workwear. Today’s range of Carhartt Workwear, meeting the highest standards of Quality, Durability and Comfort.Here are a few customer experiences of how the Carhartt hallmark of ‘Quality’ and ‘Durability’ have stood the test of time and are still present in their wide range of modern workwear. Name: Arthur Warnes Job: Welder           Been... ...... READ MORE >>

    Flame retardant workwear becomes advanced

    Who would have thought that Flame Retardant Workwear could become so technologically advanced, climate compatible, comfortable and dare we say it... fashion-conscious!Most people, if questioned on the topic, would think of cumbersome and all-consuming coveralls, but in fact advances in textiles and chemicals means that flame retardant workwear now includes smart shirts, cargo pants and coats. One of the newest products on the market is denim jeans.It is certainly very different than the first attempts at creating safety clothing. The first experiments with flame retardant materials could date back as far as 400 BC, but it certainly gained ground in the 17th century to make the theatres of France safer. These days we think of boiler suits as the type... ...... READ MORE >>

    Portwest Workwear battling the cold

    Battling the cold....Cold can seriously impact your ability to perform. Wearing substandard thermal workwear in sub-zero temperatures will leave you sluggish, irritable and ultimately unable to do your work at its best. Modern brands such as Portwest Workwear have a vast knowledge in producing innovative workwear solutions. Portwest Workwear | Quality and Standard Invest in professional quality cold-temperature Portwest Workwear and raise your game to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t bring your productivity to a freeze. What should you look for in cold-environment clothing?Warmth Ensuring you have a good warm jacket is paramount. Fleece jackets, long desired for their comfort and stylish qualities as well as their impressive ability to keep the wearer warm, have improved considerably since their introduction in the... ...... READ MORE >>

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