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Flame retardant workwear becomes advanced


Who would have thought that Flame Retardant Workwear could become so technologically advanced, climate compatible, comfortable and dare we say it... fashion-conscious!

Most people, if questioned on the topic, would think of cumbersome and all-consuming coveralls, but in fact advances in textiles and chemicals means that flame retardant workwear now includes smart shirts, cargo pants and coats. One of the newest products on the market is denim jeans.

It is certainly very different than the first attempts at creating safety clothing. The first experiments with flame retardant materials could date back as far as 400 BC, but it certainly gained ground in the 17th century to make the theatres of France safer.

In 1821, a French Chemist called Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac found that ammonium phosphates and borax, when added to textiles, made them more resistant to flames. This was a pivotal moment in creating the lifesaving clothing of today.

The first widespread application of flame retardant workwear was to shield against flash fires that were a hazard for chemical processing and petroleum refining workers in the 1970s. This was also the first time that it became abundantly evident that investing in the right clothing could significantly reduce the effects of being burnt, and could ensure that burn victims had more chance of surviving.

From then onwards, flame retardant clothing became everyday workwear for a number of industries, especially those involved in the oil and gas sectors and of course the fire brigade. There are now numerous applications for the technological advancement in flame retardant materials, including protecting people against being splashed by molten metal.

Colour choice – and more attractive styles – have been added to the range of options, but manufacturers and their R&D teams have also found ways to make flame retardant clothing and workwear a great deal more comfortable, with lighter, more breathable fabric.

Flame Retardant Workwear Today | Modern FR

What’s next in flame retardant workwear? Clearly manufacturers such as Helly Hansen workwear and Portwest Workwear finding ways to expand the range and choices. But whatever happens, if you work in a factory, refinery, on a rig, in a lab or any other place where fire is a risk, please take a minute to thank Monsieur Gay-Lussac and the other visionaries who have made it safer for you to go about your business.

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