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Portwest Workwear battling the cold

Battling the cold....


Cold can seriously impact your ability to perform. Wearing substandard thermal workwear in sub-zero temperatures will leave you sluggish, irritable and ultimately unable to do your work at its best. Modern brands such as Portwest Workwear have a vast knowledge in producing innovative workwear solutions.

Portwest Workwear | Quality and Standard

Invest in professional quality cold-temperature Portwest Workwear and raise your game to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t bring your productivity to a freeze. What should you look for in cold-environment clothing?

Ensuring you have a good warm jacket is paramount. Fleece jackets, long desired for their comfort and stylish qualities as well as their impressive ability to keep the wearer warm, have improved considerably since their introduction in the last half of the 20th Century. Look to companies like Helly Hansen to provide a stylish modern fleece with the latest in clothing technology. Depending on the environment, a fleece can provide all the protection required for keeping the cold from your upper half, or it can be paired with a waterproof jacket for extreme conditions.

Depending on the environment, there may be as much need for waterproofing as warmth. Be sure that whatever you buy conforms to EN343 Waterproof Clothing standards – delivering true protection from rain, and look for some of the latest in waterproofing technologies.

While gloves, trousers and boots are obvious additions to ensure that your body is protected from the elements, often areas such as the neck and wrists are forgotten. Check that your fleece jacket has proper coverage for both your collar and cuffs and do the same for trousers, ensuring that all waterproof and warm layers extend fully to the boot.

Lower quality jackets overlook the need for zip flaps and thus the warmth of your workwear is compromised when the wind blows. Don’t fall prey to these cut corners.

When working in the cold, you need easy instant access to pockets without having to compromise your insulation. Ensure your work jacket has plenty of storage compartments which open easily when wearing gloves.

Ace Workgear have a full range of Portwest Workwear  – all designed to the very highest specifications to keep you warm at any temperature. It’s the very finest quality that will ensure you can work to your full skill without being affected by the environment.

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