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hi-vis workwear and who benefits?

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High visibility clothing is commonly used in a wide range of industries, practices and environments. Hi-vis workwear is most often seen on building sites and in the emergency services, but regardless of occupation, it can be a great asset whether it is a required uniform or not. Here are three situations in which you could find our hi-vis workwear products useful:

Hi-Vis Workwear | Who can Benefit

1. Sportspeople and cyclists

The winter months should not limit you to reserving your exercise to the gym only. Jogging and cycling in the dark can be dangerous, especially in high traffic areas and so wearing high visible clothing becomes imperative for sensible safety practices. This also goes for horse riders, especially on darker coloured horses which might not be easily spotted along the roadside in the dark. Better safe than sorry!

2. Volunteers and event workers

High visibility doesn't just ensure you can be seen to avoid potential workplace risks, it also means pedestrians and people in need of help can identify you as a working official and someone who can offer a hand. This is one of the many reasons why the emergency services incorporate hi-vis workwear into their uniforms. High visibility is also important uniform for security officers at events, whether it's a classic yellow vest or a black jacket with hi-vis strips.

3. Those working in adverse weather conditions

In less than perfect weather, everyone working outdoors can benefit from hi-vis workwear, whatever their profession. In heavy mist or torrential rain, high visibility clothing should be worn especially around heavy vehicles or machinery, as the sight of the person operating these could be compromised.

At Aceworkgear, we supply high visibility workwear from brands ranging from Helly Hansen to Scruffs to a variety of applications and Industries. All of the jackets, hoodies and polo shirts we provide adhere to the relevant EN ISO 20471 safety standards, but to find out more get in touch today.

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