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The enduring appeal of Helly Hansen Jackets


Legendary Norwegian outdoor and workwear clothing manufacturer Helly Hansen has been operating for over 130 years, far preceding the founding of its biggest competitors Berghaus (1966) and The North Face (1968). Ever since former seaman Helly Juel Hansen first set up shop with his wife to sell waterproof clothing in 1877, the Helly Hansen name has been a byword for quality products, rigorously tested so you can be sure they can stand up to the worst the Earth's weather can throw at them. Helly Hansen Jackets and work gear is used in a huge variety of industries, but because of their founder's special connection to the sea, they are now one of the world's foremost suppliers of sailing gear for everyone from fishermen to competitive sailors.

All Helly Hansen Jackets are tested to the strictest protective clothing standards, so you can be sure they won't let you down when you need them most. Their three-layer system (keeping you dry, warm and wind protected) set the industry benchmark in the 1970s and they still largely follow this simplistic yet unbeatable design today.

All those years ago, Helly started his company as an experienced seaman, and that outdoor-work-based ethic still runs throughout the company in everything they do - but that doesn't mean workmen can't look the part too. In the early 1990s, seminal New York hip-hop crew Mobb Deep featured in a series of adverts for the company in the US and the brand was rocked by well-known rappers, from Method Man to LL Cool J.

Drawn in by the quality reputation, they stayed for the aesthetics and by the late 1990s, Helly Hansen jackets were common in the burgeoning streetwear scene. At some points, you'd be as likely to see them on street corners in inner city areas as you would on mountaintops or boat decks. So for those who want to keep cool (pun intended) with lightweight waterproofs or retain the heat with heavy-duty work gear jackets in wintry, wet or otherwise adverse conditions - Helly Hansen is the workwear brand of choice. Helly Hansen Jackets are without doubt a winning choice

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