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    Carhartt Jackets – Built to Last!

     Few brands out there compare with the rich heritage of Carhartt.With a history stretching back over 125 years. Carhartt Workwear have been supplying work clothes to workers who have helped shape America, along with kitting out some of the biggest Musicians, Movie Stars and Sportsmen of recent decades.Since their early years of manufacturing rugged workwear, made to withstand the harshest of work and conditions, they have been committed to providing modern workwear. Today’s range of Carhartt Workwear, meeting the highest standards of Quality, Durability and Comfort.Here are a few customer experiences of how the Carhartt hallmark of ‘Quality’ and ‘Durability’ have stood the test of time and are still present in their wide range of modern workwear. Name: Arthur Warnes Job: Welder           Been... ...... READ MORE >>

    Flame retardant workwear becomes advanced

    Who would have thought that Flame Retardant Workwear could become so technologically advanced, climate compatible, comfortable and dare we say it... fashion-conscious!Most people, if questioned on the topic, would think of cumbersome and all-consuming coveralls, but in fact advances in textiles and chemicals means that flame retardant workwear now includes smart shirts, cargo pants and coats. One of the newest products on the market is denim jeans.It is certainly very different than the first attempts at creating safety clothing. The first experiments with flame retardant materials could date back as far as 400 BC, but it certainly gained ground in the 17th century to make the theatres of France safer.In 1821, a French Chemist called Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac found that... ...... READ MORE >>

    Portwest Workwear battling the cold

    Battling the cold....Cold can seriously impact your ability to perform. Wearing substandard thermal workwear in sub-zero temperatures will leave you sluggish, irritable and ultimately unable to do your work at its best. Modern brands such as Portwest Workwear have a vast knowledge in producing innovative workwear solutions. Portwest Workwear | Quality and Standard Invest in professional quality cold-temperature Portwest Workwear and raise your game to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t bring your productivity to a freeze. What should you look for in cold-environment clothing?Warmth Ensuring you have a good warm jacket is paramount. Fleece jackets, long desired for their comfort and stylish qualities as well as their impressive ability to keep the wearer warm, have improved considerably since their introduction in the... ...... READ MORE >>

    hi-vis workwear and who benefits?

    High visibility clothing is commonly used in a wide range of industries, practices and environments. Hi-vis workwear is most often seen on building sites and in the emergency services, but regardless of occupation, it can be a great asset whether it is a required uniform or not. Here are three situations in which you could find our hi-vis workwear products useful: Hi-Vis Workwear | Who can Benefit 1. Sportspeople and cyclistsThe winter months should not limit you to reserving your exercise to the gym only. Jogging and cycling in the dark can be dangerous, especially in high traffic areas and so wearing high visible clothing becomes imperative for sensible safety practices. This also goes for horse riders, especially on darker coloured horses... ...... READ MORE >>

    High Visibility Clothing Regulations

    We sell hi vis clothing through our website, but we also understand that many of our customers in building companies need information about the regulations around hi vis clothing. Essentially, in order to comply with all UK and EU legislation, you need to ensure that the hi vis clothing you buy complies with the following; High Visibility Clothing | Standards and Class Regulations HiVis Clothing conforming to BS EN 471:2003, Table 1, Class 2 or 3, which must be worn at all times The colour of the background materials should normally be fluorescent Yellow from Table 2 of EN477:2003 The retro-reflective materials should comply with Table 5 of EN471:2003HiVis garment types are grouped into three classes based upon the visibility provided, with the classes dictating the... ...... READ MORE >>

    Guide To Cordless Drills

    Cordless Drills Are Extremely Versatile. Take them anywhere! And as they become ever easier to charge and with ever increasing power, they have become the ideal choice for tradesmen and DIY’ers alike. With or Without BatteriesLike other Power Tools, these cordless drills are either supplied with or without batteries. Power Tools described as ‘Bare Unit’, ‘Body Only’ or ‘Naked’ are supplied without batteries and are an ideal buy if you are planning on purchasing several tools within the one brand. Other options are to buy a tool with one, two or three batteries, great for users who fall into the extended use category and require additional charged batteries to be on hand. Types of BatteriesThe most popular and commonly used battery with Cordless Drills... ...... READ MORE >>

    Skillers Workwear - The United States of Snickers

    We've always been big fans of Snickers workwear, as you'll already be aware of. But what you might not realise is that we're also big fans of Skillers workwear, which is made by the folks at Snickers, specifically for their customers in the United States. The story behind why they had to do this is pretty interesting, as it has nothing to do with marketing or anything like that. It's actually far stranger than that:If you've not guessed it already, the reason that Snickers had to rebrand when they expanded into the United States is because of legal reasons. And yes - it's related to chocolate bars!Although we enjoy Snickers (the chocolate) here in the U.K, it's a really big... ...... READ MORE >>

    Modern Work Trousers Built To Last

    Fashion doesn’t just need to be about the latest look and making a statement, it’s also about how your clothes function and work trousers are probably the best example of this. You spend the majority of your time in your work clothes, and can’t be expected to stop working just because your work trousers are ripped or burst. At Aceworkgear we understand how annoying and frustrating it can be when you always end up working harder and longer than your work trousers. How great would it be to have a pair of work trousers that are tough enough to stand up to whatever the job throws at them.[caption id="attachment_100" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Carhartt 100096 Weathered Duck 5-Pocket Pant[/caption]Modern fabrics like Ripstop... ...... READ MORE >>

    Does 'Hi Vis' Clothing Actually Help?

    It's winter, which means for most of us, we're taking extra precaution to be seen at night. One of the most popular (and cheapest) ways of doing this is to wear 'hi vis' clothing, also known as reflective clothing. But regardless of it's popularity and presumed effectiveness , does wearing hi vis clothing actually help you stay seen and safe?According to various reports that have been carried out over the past few years, the verdict varies greatly. For starters, there are plenty of reports suggesting that hi vis can be effective - according to 'The Hurt Report' (a report that is regarded as 'the most comprehensive motorcycle safety study of the 20th century'), very few motorcyclists involved in collisions were wearing... ...... READ MORE >>

    It's a harsh world out there

    It's a harsh world out there
    Wind, rain, snow - we endure these elements in order to achieve greatness. A fisherman by the name of Helly Juell Hansen began producing oilskin jackets, trousers, and other items with his wife Margaret in 1877 to battle the elements that came along with his profession . Now in the 21st century, Helly Hansen's small business idea has grown to become a clothing line that is used by world-class sailors, fisherman, skiers and adventurers from the UK and US to Europe and Northern Africa.Helly Hansen UK has over a 100 years of experience of achieving greatness when it comes to providing you and your family with high quality and high performance outdoor clothing and work wear for every season. Whether... ...... READ MORE >>

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